The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 1

Its Nelebrie Eve and an elven girl learns her curiosity can have deadly results.

Written by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast

David Ault as Byron
Nichole Goodnight as Tanjara
Elie Hirchman as Bob
Carissa DeWitt as Cord
Justin Fife as Toby
Jeff Niles as the Village Elder
And Derek Koch, Eleiece Krawiec and Ashleigh Nolen were the villagers

Script Editor – Joe Medina
Audio Engineer – Eric Busby
Music Performed by Kevin Macleod, Adrian von Ziegler, CO.AG Music
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig

Credits by Karim C. Kronfli.

© ELB Productions 2019


The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 1 — 20 Comments

  1. Interesting new sound for the harvester. The old one sounded like an electric guitar or something.

    Love how Byron finally has a car. This new reality he’s in is interesting.

  2. I like this older more mature Byron.
    It sounds like he’s all grown up, less the romantic naïveté
    Also like the new mutants characters idea. Who know what we run into next.

  3. It’s awesome to see you folks still plugging away at this. Better still to see how you’ve grown as a writer and how the show proper has evolved. I had no idea you were still kicking after that hiatus way back when so I’m really glad I sought this out for old time’s sake.

    Much love, an old lurker.

  4. I love this show and every season gets better and better and Chaos Factor was one of my favorite seasons! Please keep writing and producing this awesome show! I want to know who Byron’s father really is and why was he destroying the known universe. I want to know if pork chop and Kim ever wondered why Byron didn’t meet up with them on desolation ridge! I’d loved to have the Vauldelville man and the cat/God characters to make an appearance again ( using the same voice actors) and finally, for Laura Post to come back on the show. In any character she is such a talented voice actress. No matter who she is playing, whether friend or foe, there is always chemistry between her and David Ault! The quality, sound of effects and over all engineering of each episode is always above par. It sets the mood or situations perfectly! Please bring me another episode soon! I’m desperately waiting for ep 2 of “Beyond the Veil”! I need my Byron Chronicles and tell everyone I know that they need to listen if they want a show truly entertaining with excellent acting and producing. You certainly have earned my vote for best long running series. I have listened to all 73 episodes multiple times over and will continue as long as the episodes exist!

    • Another great character I would love to have back is Samantha Beale! I liked her and wonder if she was brought back when Byron had the reality stone after defeating the Vastator!

  5. Hi people . Given the fact we are locked in our cages with this nasty virus, I have been so looking forward to a cheer me up episode 2 of beyond the veil. Hope it’s on the way and everybody is healthy physically and mentally given these trying times

    • Byw , I kinda liked chris sparrow as well . Would be interesting if they both came back as original characters and met up

    • Part 2 is in port production now. Getting line sin from the various actors. Sadly due to Covid-19 I have been kept rather busy. Got love the day job… Still found some time to get this rolling alone.

  6. Thanks Eric . Glad to know you’re doing well and the part 2 is still on the way . I’m in construction in toronto canada and gratefully it’s been deemed essential service so still working so I’ve been listening to byron from the beginning ( again ) for the past week . Still awesome no matter how many times I listen .

  7. Good stuff Eric really enjoyed this episode, I gotta say some of the scenarios in the audio drama where earth was in dire straits kind of hit home, due to the strange and irritating time we are in.

  8. It’s like reading Lord of the Rings; you read and read and read, listen, listen and listen and then when it nears the end you force yourself to only listen to one episode a day. Because you never want it to end.
    Who knows Byron may, still, outlive us all….

  9. was there a second episode in this arc? I could swear there was one or maybe i lost my mind, it is 2020 so….maybe I dreamed a whole ep.

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