Oberservations @ 50 2016-07-21

To say I felt intimidated by the size of the vehicle would be an understatement. Its so large it practically has it own zip code. When you start it up. It drains the oil resources of many small nations. The Borg Collective would take one look at this monstrosity and say, “Don’t you think its a little too big?”

So yeah. I don’t like driving it. But I don’t have a whole lot of options. In the day to day operation of my day job. I take those I take care of out on the town from time to time. Involves shopping. Going out to eat. Films and so on. But the van the house has is as I have point out. Kind of on the big side.

But as I can’t use my car I have to use ‘The Beast’ as I have come to call it. Yesterdays I went on a mission. I remember walking towards the Beast. It size eclipse the sun the closer I got to it. There are time I think I can hear it chuckling at me as if to say, “You dare to drive me? Pathetic mortal! I devour creatures such as you as after dinner mints. Yet somehow you think you will be able to handle me? (Insert evil demonic laugh from the dawn of time here).

With the Beast. You don’t hop into it. You climb up into it. And by climb I mean full hiking gear with a month of provisions. Satellite phone in case you get lost in the hike from the ground to the driving well. Legendary Sherpas, high-altitude guides, lead you on your mission of getting into the Beast.

Once inside. It as if you have climbed into Voltron, Defender of the universe. We’re talking some high tech stuff here. You don’t just use a key to start it up. You have knobs and switch you have to throw. Control leavers to regular the power flow from the atomic generator under the hood. Then once all is in readiness… Off you go on your mission.

I often say a little prayer here that I don’t run over something. Not that I would notice in the Beast. We’re too high up. The clouds obscure the ground far bellow me.

The mission yesterday was short. Only one mile. To the store and back. It was quick. Upon returning I climbed back to the ground bellow. Giving thanks that I survived the ordeal. But I know the Beast is out there… Waiting till our paths are forced to cross again. Waiting till it is called upon again.


Oberservations @ 50 2016-07-21 — 2 Comments

  1. So you’re blogging now? Cool. Nice start.

    I make it a point to check out this site every couple of weeks or so in the fervent hope of seeing new content. Today I am rewarded.

    Now get back to work on Lost Frontier!

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