Observations @ 50 2016-07-12

So in the shower, last night, washing my hair. Lost in my thoughts… When I feel something run over my feet. Seems Mr. Mouse had take refuge in my shower. I’d like to say I was tactful. Graceful even. After all this is a tiny critter and I’m 300 plus pound-man.

I was anything but. I was taken off guard. I screamed like a woman out of some lame ’50 sitcom. I lost my balance. I took out not only the shower curtain in my fall. But the towel rack. Twisted my right leg something fierce. Got a lot of bruising today. My leg is very stiff and sore right now

Meanwhile. Mr. Mouse saunters out of the bathroom. I lay in a growing puddle of water in front of the toilet. Mouse glances back for a moment, totally thug style with a, “I can get you anytime I want to. Remember that.” look. Then fist bumps one of the cats on the way downstairs.

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