Observations @ 50 2016-07-17

So was having a bizarre dream last night. I’m at the films watching Fast and Furious 12. For some reason the whole film takes places on a cruise ship. Cars are racing around the decks.

Vin Diesel has grown a beard and let his hair grow in. Paul Walker is back from the dead somehow. Johnathan Harris (Dr. Smith from Lost in Space) is driving as well (Don’t ask. It’s dream logic). The action is growing to a fever pitch…

Then I feel something hot splashing in my face. A revolting smell fills my nostrils. I wake to find Rita cat has decided I’m her personal litter box and is pissing all over me…

Yes. A new low point in my life has been achived. My eyes are burning. I’m about to puke from the rancid stench. I fall out of bed. Urine is dripping from my beard.

Rita for her part saunters off into the night like it’s nothing major (Hey I piss on everything. It’s not personal). My bed sheets are saturated in cat urine. Its 2AM. I need to strip the bed and get clean…. Ahhh the joys of taking care of an elderly cat.

Not to mention I’ll probably never know how Fast And Furious 12 ends.

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