The Byron Chronicles – Chaos Faction: Episode 4

Summon by an old friend. Byron learns the nature of the Expanse and where it comes from

Written by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast 

David Ault as Byron
Sarah Rhea Werner as Salem
Mark Kalita as The Vaudeville Man
Viktor Aurelius as Berry
Cara Scott as Micheal

The script editor was Joe Medina
Music Performed by Kevin Macleod, Adrian von Ziegler, CO.AG Music
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig

Credits  by Darren Marlar.

© Eric Busby Presents 2019



The Byron Chronicles – Chaos Faction: Episode 4 — 4 Comments

  1. I fund it amazing that this show just keeps on getting better and better . Held off listening to the episode as long as possible . Never know when the next one will out . Awesome episode !

  2. Many thanks to you Mr. Busby & Mr. Ault. My appreciation for your Byron and the most exciting quests he goes on can be matched only by my appreciation for the years of excellent supporting performances given by cast members.

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