Far Horizons s01e05 – The Derelict

The Spaceship Art Bell encounters an alien ship adrift in space, but what horrors await them on board?

Written by Eric L. Busby

Featured in the cast were:

David Ault as Nicholas Lancer
Jon Specht as Artimus Kane
Laura Post as Donna Briggs
Elie Hirchman as Joshua Baker
Amanda Fitzwater as Susan Lockhart
Bill Hollweg as John Collins
Gareth Preston as Doctor Stark
Megan Pressley as Katlin Cullen
Michael Hudson as Gareth Shaw
Tom Davis Beal as Todd Eccelston
Bruce Busby as the Host
Eric Busby as the guard
With Mark Bruzee

Far Horizons theme by Kai Hartwig
Additional music composed by Ambient Light and Kevin MacLeod

This episode was directed and produced by Eric L. Busby
Post Production work by Eric L. Busby

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