The Byron Chronicles – Crucible: Episode 2


Tell me pale man, have you ever been impaled on a spike before?

David Ault as Byron
Heath Martin as Mister Logan
Karim C Kronfli as Lord Satan
Ashleigh Nolen as Nellie
Brendan Jones as Tobias Quinn
Amanda Brandt as The Mistress
Sharon Grünwald as Auset
Jessica McEvoy as The Visitor

Script Editor – Simon Bucher-Jones
Sound Design – Eric L. Busby
Music Performed by Kevin Macleod
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig

Credits by Karim C. Kronfli.

© ELB Productions 2022


The Byron Chronicles – Crucible: Episode 2 — 1 Comment

  1. Trying to hold back from *spoilers*… this, this was a much needed episode, starting to see everything unravel is amazing. Now I need to know… So many questionnes. How? but I can wait for Byron to take that much needed, bath.

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