The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 2

Byron continues his journey in the fragmentary remains of the fallen Earths, while a new threat begins to emerge from the Master of Sorrows.

David Ault as Byron
Nichole Goodnight as Tanjara
Elie Hirschman as Bob
Natalie Van Sistine as Scarson
Andy Mangels as The Viceroy
Eric Hollaway as The War Knight
Christopher Keown as The Resistance Man
And Carissa DeWitt as The Resistance Woman

Script Editor – Simon Bucher-Jones
Sound Design – Eric L. Busby
Music Performed by Kevin Macleod, Adrian von Ziegler, CO.AG Music
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig

Credits by Karim C. Kronfli.

You’ve been listening to an ELB Production

© ELB Productions 2020


The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 2 — 4 Comments

  1. First new Section 31, and now new Byron?! Life is good. Busby is back and all’s right with the world.

    BTW I tried to buy you a coffee (wish I could do more but I’m unemployed due to COVID) but the transition was cancelled after 10 days. Is there a problem? I want you fully caffeinated so that you can stay up all night making great audio theatre.

    My only complaint is that your stuff isn’t available on Apple podcasts. Any chance that could change?

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