The Byron Chronicles – 2.05 – The Coming Storm

Written by Eric Busby

I could feel their presence
Their hatred for me haunting the shadows
All victims by my hands
All my sins remembered.

Featured in the cast were:

Laura Post as Chris Sparrow
Megan Pressley as Katharine Masen
Jules Ismail as Cullen Tate
Jon Specht as Demetri
Brad Smith as Felix
Stefania Lintonbon as Zafrina
Bill Hollweg as the Sam
David Ault as Byron

Music by Midnight Syndicate and Dead Can Dance
“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus
Additional music by Popol Vuh
The theme was composed and performed by Kai Hartwig.

This episode was directed and produced by Eric Busby
Direction and Sound Design by Eric Busby

This episode was originally released by on 27 August 2009.


The Byron Chronicles – 2.05 – The Coming Storm — 1 Comment

  1. I realize this is old, but it would be smart to make sure the pronunciation of the Willamette river was correct before recording.

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