The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 1

Its Nelebrie Eve and an elven girl learns her curiosity can have deadly results.

Written by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast

David Ault as Byron
Nichole Goodnight as Tanjara
Elie Hirchman as Bob
Carissa DeWitt as Cord
Justin Fife as Toby
Jeff Niles as the Village Elder
And Derek Koch, Eleiece Krawiec and Ashleigh Nolen were the villagers

Script Editor – Joe Medina
Audio Engineer – Eric Busby
Music Performed by Kevin Macleod, Adrian von Ziegler, CO.AG Music
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig

Credits by Karim C. Kronfli.

© ELB Productions 2019


The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 1 — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting new sound for the harvester. The old one sounded like an electric guitar or something.

    Love how Byron finally has a car. This new reality he’s in is interesting.

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