Cascade Episode 2: Fallout

In the fall out from the Green Event, everything on Earth has been greatly changed and Project Cascade may be the only hope to keep the human race from extinction.

Featured in the cast were:

Darren Marlar as Doctor Colden
Bruce Busby as Director Pierce
Christopher Poirier as Robert Mills
Natalie Van Sistine as Kim Oswald
Mindy Rast Keenan as Linda
Elie Hirschman as Greg
And Kevin Tremblay as the Guard

This episode was written, produced and directed by Eric Busby
Script editor was Rick Myers
Sound Design by Eric Busby
Music by Kevin MacLeod and Ambient Light
Cascade Theme by Kai Hartwig
Announcer was Darren Marlar

Thanks for listening to an Eric Busby Production.


Cascade Episode 2: Fallout — 8 Comments

  1. LOL.. Awesome line: “What kind of perverts are you? Why the best kind Mr Mills, we are the United States gov.”

  2. I like where this series is headed. I hope to hear more soon! I just finished Byron Chronicles and look forward to something new. Love your work!

  3. Oh please don’t tell me you dropped this! I became so addicted to byron and then i wanted to listen to Cascade… But only 2 episodes. Eric, you’re great and thank you for an amazing job!

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