Far Horizons 2-02 – My Name Is Ruin

Surrounded and under siege, the crew of the Art Bell are running out of time if they’re to escape from the Planet of the Living Dead

Written and directed by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast were

David Ault as Nicolas Lancer
Julia Eve as Susan Lockhart
Jon Specht as Artimus Kane
Jacin Harter as Todd Eccelson
Zach Ricks as Sam Reed
Natalie Motti as Donna Briggs
Elie Hirchman as Joshua Baker
Michael Hudson as Gareth Shaw
Kevin Tremblay as Doctor Sherman Tucker
Meg Sutton as Engineer Kat
Bruce Busby as the Host
Peter Joseph Lewis as Za’Han
Credits by Mark Bruzee

The script editor was Joe Medina

Far Horizons theme by Kai Hartwig
Additional music composed by Adrian von Ziegler and Kevin MacLeod

© Copyright 2018


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