The Byron Chronicles – Chaos Faction: Episode 2

Byron finds himself powerless in the world of The After Hell. Which Faction agents begin their hunt to find him.

Featured in the cast were:

David Ault as Byron
Chris Williams as the Demon
Sarah Rhea Werner as Salem
Peter Joseph Lewis as Jarius
Natalie Motti  as Kim Drake
Justin Fife as Pork Chop
and Karim C. Kronfli as Kieran

Music by Kevin Macleod and Adrian von Ziegler
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig
Script edited by Joe Medina.
This episode was writen, produced, engineered and directed by Eric Busby.

Credits by Darren Marlar.

© Copyright 2018


The Byron Chronicles – Chaos Faction: Episode 2 — 3 Comments

  1. Good stuff it’s been a while so is the After Hell the original universe where everything took place and where Satan took over?

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