The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 6


The monsters fed and slaughtered everyone they got their hands on. Those they killed rose up and joined their ranks. The infection began to spread faster and faster consuming every living thing in its path.

David Ault as Byron
Nichole Goodnight as Tanjara
Elie Hirchman as Bob
James Sedivy as Two Feathers
Tom Catt as Larzs
Rissa M as Heather
Heath Martin as Kyle
Margaret Ashley as The Doctor
Lisa Sedivyas as Rachel
And Natalie Van Sistine as Scarson

Script Editor – Tracy Babione
Sound Design – Eric L. Busby
Music Performed by Kevin Macleod, Adrian von Ziegler, CO.AG Music
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig

Credits by Tom Catt

© ELB Productions 2022


The Byron Chronicles – Beyond the Veil: Episode 6 — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Eric:

    This series just keeps getting better and better. Before listening to this episode I went back to Chaos Faction 1 and relistened to it all. This show definitely rewards relistening. I caught things I didn’t catch the first time around and enjoyed hearing it all again.

    When Beyond the Veil is finished I’m planning to go back to the pilot episode and listen to the whole saga again. In the meantime I’m going to binge Section 31.

    I finally joined up on Patreon. I can’t afford much but I had to kick in something for the massive amount of pleasure you’ve given me over the years. I’ve been a big fan going back to Darker Projects.

    Will we being hearing from the Vaudeville Man again?

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