The Byron Chronicles – 2.04.2 – Autumn Dawn

Written by Eric Busby

I can feel fingers of flames dancing across me…. Vampire venom is changing me…. Changing my very nature. Unless I can find a way to stop the Turning, I will lose everything that I am.

Featured in the cast were:

Cookie Colletti as Eloise
Elaine Barrett as Cynthia
Bruce Busby as Nicholas
Eric Busby as Edmund
Elie Hirschman as Jerry Tibbs
Jules Ismail as Cullen Tate
Shire Smith as Zoe
Melissa D. Johnson as Chris Sparrow
M Sieiro Garcia as Azeral
and David Ault as Byron

Music by Midnight Syndicate and Dead Can Dance
The theme was composed and performed by Kai Hartwig.

This episode was directed and produced by Eric Busby
Direction and Sound Design by Eric Busby

This episode was originally released by on 21 December 2008.

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