The Byron Chronicles – A Year In The Life: Episode 7 – A Game of Betrayal


Written by Eric L. Busby

Featured in the cast were
David Ault as Byron
Natalie Van Sistine as Hadley Price
Carissa DeWitt as Max
Mark Kalita as The Vaudeville Man
Clym Angus Dodd as Dracula
Elie Hirschman as Doyal
and Karim C. Kronfli as Croatoan

Music by Kevin Macleod and Adrian von Ziegler
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig
Script edited by Daniel Caicedo
This episode was produced, engineered and directed by Eric Busby.

Copyright 2017


The Byron Chronicles – A Year In The Life: Episode 7 – A Game of Betrayal — 6 Comments

  1. I wondered what became of Dracula after the reality stone plot was finished. Back to his old tricks I see.

    That sound after he said good-bye to Hadley… what the heck? It sounded like a very broken alarm.

  2. I’m sure Dracula ha something up his sleeve . Not A team player. Great episode . A Halloween episode perhaps eric ? Just hoping

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for such brilliant audio dramas!!! You Rock! You have no idea how you have saved me, a woman with CRPS and several autoimmune disorders who had been in stuck in bed (most days) since 2012. As my body slowly deteriorated, I started becoming a bit depressed. Living (if that’s what you call it) in excruciating pain throughout my entire body, didn’t give me many options on what I could do all day and night. Staring at the four walls, in my bedroom, was indeed making me depressed. Due to vision issues & eye pain, TV nor reading books (I was once an avid reader) was not on my list of things to do. About two years ago, I stumbled upon podcasts and your awesome dramas. You have truly saved me. I have acted in high school & university plays & musicals. I have also ran an internet radio station (2000-2006 before my first spine surgery). I did some voice acting for short stories (local Christian TV/Radio station (1994-1995). I love audio theater so much that I would just love to act (voice) again sometime. If you ever need a female voice, with the ability to speak in several accents, speak several languages, minion voice (lol), small child voice, and much more, please give me a try. Again, I really just wanted to thank you and everyone, involved in the production of all the audio dramas, from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, ~ Anna Couture

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