The Byron Chronicles – A Year in the Life, Part 2 – The Hand

byron-chronicles-ayitlWritten by Warren Onufer and Eric L. Busby

The Vampire Hadley Price call upon the Pale Man, to try and discover what has become of The Hand.

Featured in the cast were:

David Ault as Byron
Natalie Van Sistine as Hadley Price
Carissa DeWhitt as Max
Dayn Rusell Leonardson as Mister Doyle
and featuring Karim C. Kronfli

Announcer is Darren Marlar.

Music by Kevin Macleod
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig
Script edited by Rick Myers
This episode was produced and directed by Eric Busby.

An Eric Busby production.

Copyright 2016.


The Byron Chronicles – A Year in the Life, Part 2 – The Hand — 12 Comments

  1. Great long weekend so far,day off and new byron to listen to. It’s really such a great show. Thx Eric for keeping it going

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    and no, i’m NOT sorry about all the caps. apparently i was doing myself a disservice by depending on your previous “home” for updates. I’m excited to reacquaint myself with the story

  4. Awesome audio drama! thanks for providing by far the most original and well crafted audio drama out there!

  5. w00t! Followed since longlonglong time ago. Replaying the last three all the time. Really haapy with conclusion to original, this year’s bonus just blew me away.

  6. Absolutley wonderful show, I wanna travel to Portland at some stage, some of the way it’s described fits perfectly with Ireland so it makes the weather here more bearable.
    Thank you

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