The Byron Chronicles – Season 5 Episode 11 – To Be the Pale-Man

Written by Eric Busby

It’s funny how life turns out… So very funny indeed.

Featured in the cast were:

David Ault as Byron
Mindy Rast Keenan as Agent Kathrine
Peter Katt as Agent Bates
Mark Bruzee as Lord Slate
Carissa DeWhitt as Rowan
Viktor Aurelius as Berry the Cat
And Karim C. Kronfli as God
With Darren Marlar as the announcer

Music by Kevin Macleod
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig
Script edited by Rick Myers
This episode was produced and directed by Eric Busby.

An Eric Busby production.


The Byron Chronicles – Season 5 Episode 11 – To Be the Pale-Man — 36 Comments

  1. Oh wow. so now I wonder what happens to Byron’s true form after this since he isn’t really that body. Does he go to heaven? Does he go to Death’s eternal graveyard? Does he go to where his parents ascended to?

    since this doesn’t say series finale, I’m curious where it’ll go next if it isn’t the end. If it is though, thanks for writing/producing it for all these years. Also thanks to DavidAlt for sticking with the role for so long.

    Still wondering why the heck Vastator sounds like a Borg. Lol.

  2. Such a great show. Thx Eric for making my boring trips to work enjoyable by listening to the Byron chronicles. Sorry to see it end. Any thing in the future you may have planned?

  3. I’m going to miss the Pale Man. Byron Chronicles has a permanent place on my Ipod. Thank you for sharing your talent and time. A fantastic ride!!!
    Don’t let Eric Busby Presents end. We love every audio drama you put your hand to. Carry on!! Cascade? Section 31? Anything!! Don’t forget David Ault.

  4. Definitely looking forward to any future projects as well. I imagine this one had to end to make room for future ones since even one series takes a lot of time to write and mix.

  5. I was going to make a joke, or write something stupid, but this moment is worthy of so much more than that. The Byron Chronicles was one of the first audio dramas I started to listen to after I found out that “audio dramas” existed. I remember being blown away by your writing and David’s acting. You were one of the people that showed the world what was possible with the audio drama format. ( I mean the story arc for Byron is over 50+ episodes ).
    So I am now downloading the last two episodes, and plan on binge listening to them….
    Thank you Eric for creating something special.

  6. Eric is there going to be a spinoff of the Byron chronicles? I would like that you left the potential for it the way you ended the series.with Lord death saying he wasn’t done with him and God telling him it wasn’t the end when he was dying and that he would understand in time if you have nothing planned please think about it this was my favorite podcast

  7. I chose this podcast as my favorite the no sleep podcast as my second and anything ghost as my third and I have all the free episodes of all 3 downloaded and on a portable hardrive as well as countless new and 1930s and 1940s horror radio shows so keep up the good work

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  9. So sad to hear the end of the pale man, it’s been the best podcast journey ever, I was looking forwards to a Christmas special… Time for a Byron Marathon, thanks to everyone involved x

  10. Maybe you could help finish the leviathan chronicles, because they have been stuck on episode 38 for more than 2 years… I love the podcast though… Can anyone recommend similar podcasts to this… Thanx for all of your hard work.

  11. I usually don’t post on the pod casts i listen to but i felt i had to here. The Byron chronicles has been one of the best audio story i have listened to by far. I would put the story right up there with other famous writers like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Nora Roberts and the like.

    The voice actors brought the world to life for me . They are an extremely talented group of individuals and i have started hunting down other audio they are in.

    I cant wait to see what else you create and where else you take the other stories you have written.Keep up the epic and amazing work.

    • David Ault is a formidable artist, I can honestly say the man doesn’t put out a duff bit of work, he is also quite a prolific voice actor. (and a very nice dude). Even in bit parts he brings everything to the table. Its a pleasure acting along side the man. More generally Thank you Eric, of all the series that went a bit wibbly during the parting of the ways at Darker projects. This was the one I was most concerned about. It’s good to see that despite life being a bit of a challenge (isn’t it always) you haven’t turned turtle gotten bitter and walked away. Your stoicism continues to be an inspiration. Long may it continue. (oh and if you need an ‘evil git’ or anything else for that matter. You know where I am. Kind regards. C

      • I just realized after reading clymes comment that I hadn’t thanked the entire cast for such a great job that they did along side David. So hats off to everybody involved. Can’t wait to hear what everybody has coming up next

  12. Master Busby….I Thank you so much for all the Imagination and Talent that went into producing this series. Masterfully Done. I Greatly Enjoyed It all.

  13. I discovered the The Byron Chronicles when I stumbled accross darker projects and have been hooked ever since. It has become one of my favorite stories, print or audio, and I have been looking forward to each new episode.
    Thank you and the wonderful voice actors for the excellent work.
    Now I’m going to have to try to find some more of your as well as David Ault’s work.

  14. I’ve been listening to The Byron Chronicles ever since it was over on DP. There are so many audio dramas out there that have been just abandoned, and I’m happy The Byron Chronicles wasn’t one of them. I have not yet encountered any other completed audio drama series out there that would be the equal of this one in terms of being able to hold my interest for so long even though I don’t normally like the darker side of fiction.

    I think the thing that made me keep coming back for more Byron was the fact that you included references to well known legends and often put your own spin on them.

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years. But, before I go, do you have another audio drama series in the pipeline? Will you ever make audio drama on the lighter side?

  15. Fantastic series, liked the way it ended. And at least we got the whole story and not a cliffhanger like the leviathan chronicles.

    Thanks ;+)

  16. Nice swan song for my favorite Audio Drama. Hopefully inspiration will strike and you will release a one off Byron story every now and then.

    Also, I was wondering where I could find the rest of season 5. I see episode 11 and the xmas episode but I do not see any other season 5 episodes.

  17. Sad to see the arc ended (and after listening again, it really is one long arc that just keeps escalating) but Byron has grown on me.

    Please consider writing more! Back story on Byron and his family, what happens next.. There’s still more that I would love to see

  18. I don’t really know what podcast to follow anymore.

    Were Alive Ended

    Welcome To Wormwood Ended

    And now The Byron Chronicles. Is there any other podcasts worth listening to? I really can’t think of any like the ones I mentioned.

  19. Such a wonderful story. Love all the clever tie-backs, resolutions and tantalizing hints of unresolved mysteries. Byron himself is a fascinating character. This is my favorite audio-drama by far. Thanks for the episodes. Can’t wait to see what Eric Busby presents comes up with next.

  20. Byron Chronicles was my first audio drama. It still is hard to beat, I’ve enjoyed listening to this production all these years. It is hard to believe it is wrapping up, and ending.
    Though, I guess I would rather have that option than it being forgotten.

    Thank you David Ault for the pernicious Byron and Eric for making Byron who he was. You both are amazing! Hopefully Byron will return in tie-ins or side stories, essentially hopefully I will hear about the pale-man once again.

    You guys are the best.

  21. Wow! I began listening to this podcast some years ago when there was only 1 season. Now I return to find that there is more, and further still, that it has ended.

    This episode was a fantastic cap to the fantastic journey we’ve been privy to alongside Byron. I’ll miss catching up with the Pale Man episodically, but I am so very satisfied to see his struggles are at an end. Rest well, Pale-Man. Rest well.

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