Cascade Episode 1: The Paradigm Shift

A cosmic event unleashes a new age on Earth. The age of super-beings.

Featured in the cast were:

Darren Marlar as Doctor Colden
Chip Joel as Todd
Christopher Poirier as Robert Mills
George S. Nader as Reverend Seaver
John Tadrzak as the Warden
A.J. Clarkson as The President
Julian Bane as the Presidential Aid
Eric Busby as the Visitor
And Russell Gold and Michael Liebman and the Prison Gaurds

This episode was written, produced and directed by Eric Busby
Script editor was George S. Nader
Sound Design by Eric Busby
Music by Kevin MacLeod and Ambient Light
Cascade Theme by Kai Hartwig
Announcer was Darren Marlar

Thanks for listening to an Eric Busby Production.


Cascade Episode 1: The Paradigm Shift — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Eric, great to see you kicking podcast ass again. I’m dying to see where Cascade takes us. Where are the next episodes or do you have a timeline for their availability?

  2. I enjoyed this podcast, just wish there were more of it to listen too! I have been following you since Darker Projects and cannot get enough of your genius…

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